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Acne Treatment

Acne can be frustrating and bothersome no matter what your age. It is estimated that 40% of teens and young adults will suffer the effects of acne. Acne can also present later in life due to hormonal shifts. Approximately 20% of adults will experience breakouts later in life. This condition can range in intensity from a couple of blemishes to pimples and complexion unevenness across the entire face. Approximately 90% of Americans will experience acne at some point in their lives.

While acne is primarily associated with the face, it is important to realize that acne can also be found on your back, chest and even the arms and legs. Acne can be caused by a number of factors like genetics and hormones, which can put oil-producing glands into overdrive. This causes dead cells and bacteria to build up beneath the skin's surface. Acne can also leave permanent dark spots and scarring as a result of the injury it causes to your skin. For this reason it is important to address your acne early to try and avoid permanent side effects.

The JCMG Laser and Vein Center specializes in esthetic skin care, and this is how we approach your acne. We are a great place to start treatment if you want to avoid medications. Our products, combined with microdermabrasion and chemical peels, may be sufficient treatment to keep your acne under control. If, however, you do require prescription medications, we recommend you consult with your primary physician, pediatrician or dermatologist. We can still assist in managing your home care products and offer in-office procedures to complement your medical plan. We also offer treatments designed to address post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring resulting from acne.

It is important to remember that acne control requires patience; you can expect a 4 to 6 week period prior to seeing results from any treatment plan. Continued maintenance is also crucial. Our estheticians are very supportive in helping teens through this process. For adults, who may want to address multiple skin issues, they will provide a comprehensive plan that includes controlling acne. You can schedule a complimentary consultation to learn about your options for acne control and scar treatments.

Acne Control

MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion is a mechanical removal of the top layer of the skin. It is performed by using a machine that combines a fine abrasive tip or crystals and suction applied to the skin. It is used to improve conditions on the surface of the skin such as minor sun damage, acne and superficial scarring.

Chemical PeelsA chemical solution applied to the skin to improve the texture by removing the damaged outer layers. The chemicals used vary in strength and in the depth of penetration. A chemical peel or series of peels can help improve the appearance of acne, acne scarring, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, irregular pigment and sun damage. After completing a peel series, you will have smoother, younger-looking skin.

Scar Revision

elōs Plus Skin RejuvenationA treatment combining light and radio frequency to precisely and safely target redness, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions to gently restore and rejuvenate your skin.

elōs Plus Sublative A treatment designed to improve skin tone and texture by directing RF energy into the skin in the form of a matrix. The process creates micro-injuries and through the healing process new collagen and healthy skin cells are produced.

elōs Plus Triniti+This combination treatment includes both elōs Skin Rejuvenation and Sublative with the addition of the Sublime treatment. Sublime adds the additional benefit of reducing fine wrinkles and improving tightness and facial contouring. The combination provides a total rejuvenation of the skin.

Laser Skin RejuvenationThis treatment uses breakthrough technology to gently deliver short bursts of energy to the skin. It is effective in removing and reducing pigmented lesions, freckles, brown spots and acne scarring.