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Skin Tightening

As we age, skin contains less collagen, elastin fibers and underlying fat. Due to this natural reduction, our skin loses its fullness and can start to sag. This process is sped up through excessive sun exposure and smoking. This can result in a loss of definition in our facial contours, a hollowing in the cheeks, sagging brows, deep wrinkles, and loose skin below the jaw (neck wattle). Fortunately, there are now many non-surgical treatments available to treat sagging skin. It is also possible to slow this process with lifestyle changes and a good home care routine that addresses collagen loss.

Choosing the proper treatment will depend on many factors including the condition of your skin, your overall health, and the current degree of wrinkling and sagging. After an initial evaluation, our esthetic providers will make recommendations that best address your concerns. You can then choose which treatment options fit your budget, lifestyle and tolerance for downtime.

Below is a list of options available. These treatments may be recommended alone, but often a combination of treatments is needed to best address skin laxity.

UltherapyA non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses focused ultrasound energy to lift and tone loose skin. Ultherapy works on brows, jawline, and facial and neck skin along with addressing the wrinkles and lines on the décolletage.

BotoxA chemical injection that works by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, thus softening the appearance of wrinkles.

JuvedermThe family of Juvederm fillers are injectable gels designed to temporarily add volume to the skin where moderate to severe wrinkles and folds occur, or for a deeper injection into the cheeks to restore volume loss.

RadiesseRadiesse is a volumizing filler designed to immediately restore volume and stimulate the production of natural collagen. By restoring volume you are able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and plump the skin for a tightening effect.

elōs Plus Triniti+This treatment is a full facial rejuvenation treatment utilizing a combination of three treatments to address skin color and texture along with fine lines and wrinkle. It also encourages collagen remodeling, adding a light lift to the skin.

Home CareThe use of TNS growth factor products along with everyday sunscreen protection will help encourage healthy collagen production and prevent premature aging.