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Carol's Story: Healthy Legs Let Me Do the Things I Love

My first experience with JCMG Laser & Vein Center occurred from my own curiosity. I was down the street at another appointment when I noticed the new facility and decided to stop by. Dr. Prasad was my surgeon for my breast cancer procedure 15 years prior and I was excited to learn he was the doctor at JCMG Laser & Vein Center. I inherited vein disease and passed it down to my two daughters, so we started the treatment process by having the ultrasound and then the procedures. All went successfully well. As a teen, I struggled with acne, which affected my complexion later in life and left me with scarring. I met with the sweet, beautiful Brandi.She made my many trips for microderms and chemical peels so very pleasant and fun! Now I can go with little or no makeup...

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Emily’s Story: Laser Hair Removal Gave Me Confidence

I used to be very self-conscious about my unwanted hair. It was thick, dark, and never seemed to go away. With shaving or other methods I was constantly dealing with the pain and nuisance of ingrown hair and razor burn. During my consultation at JCMG Laser & Vein Center, I learned I was the perfect candidate for laser hair removal and I was excited to get started. I was nervous about my first treatment and prepared myself for a painful, awkward situation, but that wasn’t the case at all. I was educated on what to expect and the comforting staff really calmed my nerves. The treatments were quick and the discomfort was minimal. I could tell my hair lessened after my first treatment and I continued to notice a difference with each additional treatment...

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Sandra's Story: Feeling Beautiful After Rosacea Treatment

Since the 80's, I’ve suffered from rosacea. It started as a quarter-sized spot above my jawline, but eventually it spread. Without makeup, my entire face was red and bumpy, which made me very self-conscious. At times, my makeup wasn’t even effective in covering it. As I approached the age of 70, I noticed my skin became extremely dry and my fine lines and sun damage were now more visible than ever. That’s when I made the call to JCMG Laser & Vein Center. My esthetician was compassionate towards my concerns and developed a treatment plan to fit my skin care needs and my budget. Shortly after starting my plan I noticed a drastic change. My skin was no longer dull and dry, the fine lines and sun damage were disappearing, and the little red bumps were gone...

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Tammie's Story: No More Tired, Aching Legs

For years I was plagued with tired, aching legs. I inherited varicose veins. My maternal Grandpa had varicose veins, as did my mom and sisters. I remember my mom's legs being so bad that she had to wear compression hose year-round... even in the sweltering summers with NO air conditioning in the house! Kids would ask about the "ruffles" on her legs. Her veins were in such bad shape that they looked like ruffles. She was miserable. Years ago she had her veins stripped. That was the current procedure for that day and age. She was miserable after the painful procedure. Knowing I never wanted my legs to get as bad as my mom's, yet too scared to go through the same procedures she went through, I put up with the day-to-day pain...

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Betsy's Story: How Vein Care Gave Me Back My Life

My story begins five years ago. I was thirty-five years old, and at the end of the day my legs were so swollen it hurt to walk. I saw countless doctors, and they all said the same thing: "Lose weight." Yes, I was overweight, but I knew that was not what was causing the swelling and the pain. Eventually I gave up – I figured out a way to tolerate the swelling and the pain. But as time went on, and the older I got, the more my confidence plummeted. It was more than just the uncomfortableness that I felt in my legs; it was becoming something I was extremely self-conscious over. So, I lost the weight – 75 lbs. to be exact. But the swelling and the pain were still there. As silly as this sounds, when I knew I had an evening event I would plan my day to lay in bed...

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Travis’s Story: Tattoo Removal for the Next Phase of My Life

I used to work as a hairstylist. During that time I developed an interest in tattoos, and today I am the proud recipient of numerous tattoos. Having tattoos was never an issue as a hairstylist because of the creative nature of the industry. However, after about 10 years I decided I wanted to go back to school to pursue a law degree. During my undergrad I began to realize that if I wanted people to see me as a serious candidate for professional internships and jobs I would need to get rid of the tattoos I couldn't hide while dressed for work. It was tough because I really liked my tattoos. I knew, however, if I was going to move forward into my next phase of life I was going to have to get my visible tattoos removed. I began getting my tattoo removal done...

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Shelby’s Story: Taking Care of Myself and My Skin

My oldest daughter was away at college when she began complaining of breakouts and how nothing she tried seemed to clear up her acne. When she arrived home I was shocked to see how bad it really was and drove her straight to JCMG Laser and Vein Center. We got there just before closing time, and as we began explaining our situation to the receptionist, we met Stephanie. She immediately took my daughter back to a room, treated her with a chemical peel, and set her up with a new skin care regimen. The care factor Stephanie showed my daughter, paired with her knowledge of skin care, brought me back for my own appointment. We tend to always take care of others, putting ourselves last, but I decided to look into taking care of me...

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Katie's Story: My Beautiful, With a Little Help From My Friends

Feeling beautiful is most often a state of mind. When the sun is shining, when a warm breeze brushes against your skin just right, when an “I love you” is whispered – one can’t help but feel beautiful. But, as a woman, I find that sometimes feeling beautiful is achieved with a little help. I have been a regular client of Stephanie’s at JCMG for quite a while now. In the beginning I simply needed an eyebrow wax. Eventually I tried the sugaring method for the bikini area. I also use several of the SkinMedica and Colorescience products. My favorites include the SkinMedica eye cream and the Colorescience primer and lip serum. After just a week of using the eye cream, I noticed I didn’t look so tired. There were no fine lines or bags under my eyes...

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Kimberly's Story: Finding My Beauty With Good Skin Care

My mother gave me a gift certificate to JCMG Laser and Vein Center for my birthday in November of 2012. That gift certificate sat in my wallet for over a year, not because I didn't want to use it, but because I didn't have time to use it. My husband of nearly 14 years was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, fought for 16 months like nothing I have ever witnessed, but ultimately passed away in May of 2013, leaving me a 35 year old widow with three young boys to raise myself. I decided late in the summer of 2013 that I would finally use that gift certificate. I had no expectations of anything other than thinking a facial would be relaxing, and my beautiful mother kept insisting it was going to expire. My appointment was with Brandi King who, much like my mother, is...

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Milton's Story: Treating Vein Disease to Restore Confidence

I have had vein disease most of my adult life. I got tired of the aches and pains, swelling, pressure, heaviness, and being self-conscious about my unsightly veins. It was really affecting my quality of health and life. That is when I found Dr. Prasad and the JCMG Laser & Vein Center. I scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Prasad and he talked me through every step of how he would treat my disease and eliminate my symptoms. I was excited and could not wait to start. The treatments were outpatient treatments at their spa-like clinic in Jefferson City, and were virtually painless. Immediately following my first VenaCure I started to feel improvement and relief. I looked forward to each and every session and more success...

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